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Culture Shock Venezuela: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette

  • Wydawca:Culture Shock!
  • W magazynie: brak produktów
  • Kraj:Wenezuela
  • Liczba stron:288
  • Data wydania:marzec 2009 - pierwsze wydanie
  • Wydawnictwo:Culture Shock!
  • Autor:Kitt Baguley
  • ISBN:9780761455691
  • Stan:Nowa
  • Język:Angielski

Cena: 54,40 zł

Cena promocyjna: 17,38 zł

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Culture Shock Venezuela: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette

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wydanie z 2009 roku

CultureShock! Venezuela is packed with essential information. The book sheds light on what makes the Venezuelans tick and helps you appreciate their culture and values.

Learn why the Venezuelans have such a strong sense of pride in their country, their attitudes towards family, friends and gender and how to behave at social gatherings or business situations.

Understand the importance of learning Spanish, get acquainted with the various festivals and join in the country's love for barbecues, music and baseball.

This book will also guide you on how to find suitable accommodation, convenient transportation, medical facilities and other practical advice to help you settle in quickly.